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About Me

Hi, I'm Nick Mehaffey - a photographer from Brisbane, Australia. My passion for visual media was uncovered many years ago, and began with capturing images of anything and everything practically every weekend, as an almost ritualistic undertaking. As a result, my 'Weekend Ritual' was born.

As a professional photographer, I have worked with companies such as First Express Couriers, The Carl Webb Foundation, Personalised Plates Queensland, The Long Yard Larder, DHI Australia, Show N Sell and Equilibrium Family Wellness. I have also collaborated with personal branding clients such as Da Rulk (RFT trainer, USA), Sam and Rachel Thaiday, and Borhan.com.au. - all the while making myself available for events such as weddings, family photo shoots, motorsport events and live music performances.


I am also a fully qualified remote aircraft (RePL) pilot, having completed a CASA certified course through UAV Training Australia in 2021. With drone imagery being prominent in today's visual media, it presents a new perspective for me to capture my subjects.

I love what I do, and I embrace the uniqueness of each individual client I work with. My goal is to capture what it is that makes the subject special, and highlight the finer details to help your images stand out from the crowd.